Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laughing at Gidwani

I typed the title of this post and in hindsight it sounds much like a movie of the elite sort. But this is serious.

For years, my dear friend Mohit Gidwani wrote blog posts in this blog. Let me find a link to it, hold on a sec. Oh here it is. Wohoah there's a new entry there! This was unexpected. No well forget that. My point was this: for some years towards the fag end of the blog's life, Gid would often write a "Phoenixy" post once every few months just to give the impression of life. I would scoff and laugh at his pathetic attempts at keeping a blog going while Obscured by Words was going strong after all these years.

However it occurs to me that over the last year or so - that's precisely what I've been doing. Overloaded with work and recklessly poor, I haven't had the motivation or the time to carve out some stone tablets either. In short: this blog isn't really getting anywhere anymore.

I resolved to write more, but really - it is impossible given the number of hours I work every week now. So I've been seriously thinking of putting this blog down and putting a little "Hiatus" tag on it forever.

I don't know whether I should, but if you do have any unresolved (preferably nonsensical) questions, email me and I shall answer them for you in a wise and hearty manner. Other than that, I expect not much more from Obscured by Words in the near future.

Thank you for your time.


Swapnil Sachdev said...

:( I liked your and Giddu's blogs. Too bad.

kray said...

wow! yet another one bites the dust huh :-<

krist0ph3r said...

a planned shutdown... now that's a first, for a blog!

ps: instead of shuttign down, how about setting up email posting, and mailing in interesting photos you clicked? stuff like that! 30 seconds to do a post, that way!