Saturday, December 03, 2005


I just looked at the medicines that a friend of mine was taking, and something struck me - Here's a blow-by-blow account of medicine thru the ages:

2000 BC: Person falls sick, goes to wise-old medicine man, gets some herbs and that's how you cure diseases.

1000 BC: Same scenario, but now the Druid says "Herbs! Bah! Here: This potion will cure you."

1 AD: Religion is the order of the day. "Potions? No way! Pray and you shall get better!"

1000 AD: "Pray? Holy-scizmoly! What crap. Here take these medicines. You'll feel better in no time!"

1900 AD: "Medicines? Tablets are more effective."

2000 AD: "Tablets have side effects! Here take these herbs. They'll cure you."

Medicine in 2000 BC and 2000 AD have turned out to be the same! We've just gone in circles.

Sometimes I think clothes are going thru a similar circle. Think about it.


Anonymous said...


why you cribbing about that :P ?

~ Krishna

SD said...

wait wait! not cribbing about it at all! it's just a thought! :P

Anonymous said...

why a circle.. why not an ellipse!!

why do we always associate some periodic behaviour with going around in circles!

maybe.. i can start my own BLOG!!


~ Hitesh

SD said...

daya baloo! leave maths be!!!

yeah you should start ur own blog. Just dont fill it with math! :P :P