Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Feminist

After a hard day
The busride back home
The jarring gives you a headache
If you get a place to sit, that is.

She gets on the bus
And glares around
Surveying the place
As she stomps over to the front

The ladies are all seated there
The front of the bus is their domain
She spies a lone man
Sitting proudly among the reserved seats

A scowl crosses her face
Her menacing gaze fixed upon him
"How dare he?" She wonders
"Male Chauvinistic Boor"

He senses the death look upon him
And gets up to let her sit
And then as he stumbles up
She lets a gasp at her own selfishness
As she spies his amputee legs.


fundooz said...

loved it

SD said...

Thanks :)

I actually observed this while coming back from work last week. Was in a down-ish mood so just wrote it.

Sunil Kundal said...

ya .. i kinda figured it out .. u must hav witnessed this somewhere sometime ..

fundooz said...

isnt kundal the smartest thing on the planet? ^_^

Anonymous said...


SD said...


@ Anonymous - who?

Anonymous said...

anonymous is smriti.. aka sma.. ashika's friend.. rem?

SD said...

hi cool

ya I do remember you :D
hello :)

Sunil Kundal said...

thanx fundooz .. for acknowledging my talent :D :P

Raven said...

umm.. i loved it. or shud i be saying i loved it too? seems like i am late commenting. but i really like ur poems. i just want to mention i like the one u wrote on war, the best.

SD said...

thanks Jade :)

shrek said...

hehe nice one sd! longtime no post. busy with internship?

SD said...

yeah man.

On the bright side, it's nearly over :)

crazed_mellow said...

hey sd man guess u will never read this one but really liked this one and . i really like ur poems ... they are very deeply thought out and i really dig the subject matter