Sunday, October 21, 2007


I know I've made a lot of fun of cricket and cricket watchers in the past: Utter waste of time ainnit? But but, Twenty 20 is neat. It's short and quick and watching anything in a stadium has a charm of its own!

Just this afternoon, as I battled with a hangover, Krishna says that we have tickets to the match! So, we spend the evening standing in line outside the stadium trynna get in. ... And just as the first round of "Chak De India" started playing, we managed.

Running up the stairs into the stands, the bright glowing green field was a sight! And Braboune (spelling?) stadium is a really cool place. The pavilion is built like a castle with flags over the place!

We were quite close to the red bunch of dancing girls. Pathetic dancers all of them :P ... but we'll gloss over that. The stands were totally afire as the Aussies crumbled! "Uttapa Served Hot" was probably the coolest banner I've seen in a long time :D

The victory was the queerest bit. Suddenly, someone's hit a six, and there was a fraction of a second where no one understood what was happening - and suddenly everyone was on their feet and fireworks were in the air :)

Oh and we did come on camera for a while! (Or atleast we hope we did :P) And to top it off, after a victory was a trip to Mondy's :D

I really never expected to have this much fun, least of all in a cricket match! But in retrospect it does make sense. Twenty 20 is geared to be pop. And plus, India did wallop the little Aussies. I guess you could say that hindsight is always Twenty-20 :P (Shamelessly stolen off a paunchy old punster :P)

Begging Bowls

Have you ever gone begging? (Possible reactions at this point are: No! and Ewww!)

Well, in accordance with the World-Wise view that "Everything Should Be Tried Once" (Note the Capitalization), we decided it's time to try our hand at begging. God, we're IITians. We oughtta be good at begging right?

So, that's that. Guitars in hand and a handy begging bowl (guitar case) on the ground, we started singing. Right in the middle of Galleria! :D

KP and Freshie playing guitar. Me posing.

Lookie who's there! Saaajid. The Lookah :P

Artistic Pic.. The "Beggars Galleria"

Loook! People gave Monnneyyy!!!

So, we had some awesome guitaring by Freshie/Sophie punters. And some great singing by KP. Vishnoi and I hung around like the *professional* lukkhas that we are ;)

Good times. Good times.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Left vs. Right

It's long been thought that people are governed by one side of their brain. Left-brain thinkers are thought to be logical, practical types who are good at math and science; whereas right-brain people lean toward the fantasy and feelings of life, often turning out to be artists or big thinkers.

An article from Australia's Herald Sun has a mind-bending quiz that attempts to show you which type you are. So which direction is she spinning? Supposedly, by concentrating, you can "make the dancer turn the other way". I saw a clockwise spin, and try as I did, I couldn't manage to get her to turn anti-clockwise. Supposedly implies that i'm "Extreme Right Brained".

... Kinda interesting to see who got what :) ... Do tell whether you saw her spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise and if you could get the switch!