Saturday, November 17, 2007

Two Years Old!

Happy Birthday to my blog! It's a whole two years old now! 'Twas created on November 16th, during Endsems a couple of years back.

The last year has seen a lot. Graduation. Goa. Treks. And ofcourse, artwork. Here'sa look back:

Lucy's Dream
: Vivid colours. Like an LSD-scape ;)

Music Without a Head: Yet another rant about music. Can't help it :P

Testimonial: Avi's gone off to Japan. Miss him :(

Out of the Blue: Started working!

Red SoulStone: Don't Tales of Mystery and Imagination excite you? Would you like to scale the peaks of the Red SoulStone?

Leh-gendary: One of the really cool trips this year. To Leh.

Perfectly Normal: Is anyone "perfectly normal"?

Always With Me, Always With You

Lazarus: One of my best creations, inspired by one of my favourite songs.

Tata. Do check out some stuff :)


The Shmoo said...

checked em out alright.. liked 'perfectly normal' the most..

Happy Blog Anniversary :)

divya said...

so the trek doesnt count anywhere in ur last two years..:-/

divya said...

out of the blue was cute!:P

Ess Dee said...

the trek is faaaarrrr to cool to be put up with the rest of the stuff :)