Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Crow Had Two Socks (Storybuilding Part 1)

This is a story about Chaos 2006. Yes, really it is. Just a few days before Rylan fell into a ditch. Quite funny, so read on...

We were all chillin' n relaxin' at IIMA Chaos 2006. We'd already done Western Band, Rangoli, Wall Painting, JAM and a couple of others when we decided that we were clearly not participating in enough competitions. Looking down the list, we saw a certain fixture titled "Story Building, Team of 4".

We thought that it would be some kind of a creative writing competition and so we gathered up 4 troopers – Avinav, KP, Sumitken and me – we decided to enter this. We hunted for and found pens to write with and went up to CR3.

As we entered and sat, it dawned upon us that this was not indeed a creative writing competition. It was an impromptu speaking competition! Even as we struggled to shut our mouths at the realization, we were called up to speak extempore.

It went like this: They would read us a starting line; we would have to start speaking right away and complete the story, each person speaking for 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds, they would sound a clap and the next person would have to take over instantly.

Our starting line was: "A Crow Had Two Socks". And thus the story started with me speaking:

A Crow Had Two Socks, but he didn't know what to do with it. So, with his friend "Tripod", he went to the Himalayas to speak to the Wise Baba Moksha. Baba Mosksha uttered only a few syllables in Hindi: "Ka Mera, Ka Tera; (dramatically) Ka Mera, Ka Tera."

And suddenly Tripod had found his meaning in life: He had found Camera (pronounced Ka Mera)! Camera said her life was too unstable without Tripod and Tripod said he was nothing without Camera.

*clap* (Sumitken takes over)

The soon got married and decided to go on a long honeymoon. But alas! On the honeymoon, Camera was caught filming sex tapes!!! She commits suicide out of embarrassment and Tripod was left broken hearted. HE SOUGHT REVENGE ON THE WORLD for his misfortune.

To this end, he formed a boy band with his brothers: The three brothers Tripod, Dipod and iPod formed this boy band.

*clap* (Avinav's turn to speak)

They sang songs and became rich and famous and girls swooned over them, but that was never their plan because *all* boy bands are gay. He had failed at his revenge, so he quit the boy band...

He quit the boy band and consulted his father Apple. The wise old Apple scratched his Adam's apple and said, "de gur gur de nat de phat de gur de bhat."

*clap* (Now KP come forth)

Tripod did not understand. "de gur gur de nat de phat de gur de bhat."

Finally he understood. He went into the forest and found a deer and he caught it's tail and twisted it. Thus, there was a twist in the tale and Camera came back to life and they lived happily ever after!

THE END to applause!

Phew!.. Yeah that was the story we cooked up for Round 1. Someday I might pen down the later rounds as well, which were equally random.

Oh and did I mention that on the way back, Rylan was being awesome. Check him out if you haven't read it already.

Sayonara, see you in Round 2.


krist0ph3r said...

did you guys win? the suspense is killing me!!!

sumit said...

Wow - I had totally forgotten the story! Thanks SD :)

Anonymous said...

Ess Dee..

This is Nostalgic Nivi (IITB) :) Happened to read your blog by chance, while checking out some chaos stuff..remembered you guys had won the event, but never knew the story that was cooked up.Hmm..awesome!!