Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bike Ride

Hiranandani. At night

3 people on a bike

Mohit Gidwani driving

No helmet

Driving rashly

No papers for the bike

No drivers license

It's like a sign that says, "Here cops! Here! Catch me! MEEee!".

Absurd, gratifying indulgence. Joy. Whoopee.


Gutterflower said...

Nice. =)

Giddu said...

Wha... din't see this yet...

Sweet Angel said...

wel did the same thing..ditto..except the fact tht thr wr 2 ppl and one break also was not workin..and drove all the way frm mulund 2 iitb..escaped the cops was sheer joy..

Sweet Angel said...

well mistake thr..itz brake and not break.. :)