Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thach Weave

Monday, July 02, 2007

Red Soulstone

Who will dare scale that peak? Only the Princes of the Universe.

[You'd better like this: It took me all day to make :P... and now my head feels like it's seen too many shades of blue and red for a single day :-/]

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Irrational Gods

Thunderbolts, they say
Origniate in God:
Zeus, Indra or Thor,
The Gods of Rain and Thunder.

Thunderbolts, they say
Are the wrath of the Gods:
Directed upon erring souls
Who dare tempt their anger!

Yet, why do they fall
On mountains, on seas,
On trees and innocent rocks?
Is God angry with them?



Skiing at Rotang Pass

On the way to Leh

Morning at Tso-Moriri

Pangong-Tso (Something strange? :P)

Deep at Khardung-La (at 13830 ft!)

See! What a nice line of trees!

View from the Japanese Stupa

Inside the Japanese Temple

Go go Buddha! :)

Julley! :)

A green patch in the midst of a desert at Nubra Valley

Pangong-Tso (Tso means Lake)

Gateway to Leh!

More Pangong-Tso :)

I love these Buddhist Flags :)


Bubbling Geyser!

More Tso-Mororiri (in the evening)

Same place as last pic (this time it's morning)

Rotang Pass

Paragliding near Manali