I, for one, fully embrace my hedonistic lifestyle. Part of that revolves around getting free stuff. Unfortunately there are too few occasions in a year to actually get free stuff. And when people do, they give you the wrong free stuff. Yes this bugs me to no end.

Thus, this Wishlist. All you minions out there, pay heed. Use this wisely. :-)

PS: The [AP], an "Appreciation Factor" is a 10-point scale on how much I'd treasure the gift

Stuff You Should Buy Me

  • A guitar stand for my acoustic guitar would help enormously in allowing said guitar to sit around the room without looking forlorn and dejected. Right now it keeps staring at the elec jealously and sadly. Please help me keep my poor guitar happy! [AP: 7]
  • Mixed martial arts classes for a month. Yes I'm learning to kick yo' ass. Don't be afraid though, I'll only use it for good. [AP: 4]
  • Earphone wrapping mechanism. I spend more time untangling my earphones than listening to music. Automatic spring loaded rolling up mechanism thingies would be awesome. [AP: 6]
  • Music. Good new music. Much appreciated. Cost zilch too. [AP: 3]
  • Support my favourite bands: Thermal and a Quarter, Porcupine Tree, Blackstratblues. No, don't buy music - the money doesn't even get to them. Donate or buy merchandise instead. Give said merchandise to me :D [AP: 3; 6 if you give me purchased merchandise!]
  • T-shirts/Stuff from my favourite comic books/manga/TV Shows/books: Dresden Codak, Monty Python, HG2G, XKCD, Naruto, etc. Geeky stuff counts too! [AP: 4]
  • Prints of my artwork. I'd love huge printouts on flex or even nice framed ones :) (Ask me for Hi-Res versions!) (Link to artwork[AP: 8]
  • Volunteer 2 mornings to Avanti Fellows. Krishna needs to get paid too! (Link[AP:2, sorry for the low AP Krishna, but hedonism demands such :-P]
  • Graphic Novels/Comics: Lucifer, Sandman, Calvin & Hobbes, V for Vendetta. Anything else is cool too! [AP: 4]
  • Printouts of Photographs. Times spent together. Old treks. That kind of stuff. [AP: 4]
  • A tournament class Flying Disk (formerly called 'Frisbees'). Needs to be Ultimate standard! I have plenty of the crappy variety. [AP: 4]

Kind People And Free Stuff

  • Kaizad was kind enough to get me my iPhone from Canada! Oh crap I should pay him...
  • (This is where your name is recorded in the annals of history. What you expected something grander?)

That's all folks. Now get off your lazy ass and buy me stuff!


Avan said...

@ AP

Ankita said...

I love your wishlist... :)
AP: 8

crazed_mellow said...

How picky you are man. None of the APs cross 8.

Ess Dee said...

@crazed_mellow: Gotta leave AP space for when ppl are rich enough to afford the "big stuff" na :P

@Avan, Ankita: danke :)