Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Queen Bass

Made while watching the India vs. Pakistan match, which joyfully it seems that we shall win. Quite an entertaining evening in the end.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Pokey Rainbow

Don't Panic (Reprise)

And then, the evil aliens tried to blow their spaceship to bits by firing two missiles at them. But thanks to the "improbability drive" that powered the ship, and an accident that involved trying to compute the finest cup of tea, the missiles were transformed into a bowl of flowers and a whale!

The bowl of flowers, it turns out, was a being that had time and again been killed off on various worlds and in various forms by one of the main characters. Thus it exclaimed, "Oh no! Not again!". The whale tried to be friendly to the ground that was rushing up to meet it.

... Just realized how absurd it sounds when I explain HG2G.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Instant Karma

Story 1:
Douchebag wearing shades and leather jacket at train station decides that lines aren't for him. Cuts line right to the front, shouts at people in queue who tell him to get in line. Tries to buy ticket. Ticket guy says "First class or GTFO!". Douchebag slinks away to end of line which is now much longer. Instant Karma.

Story 2:
Rash driver dude drives rashly on the highway whilst talking on cellphone. Takes a sharp dangerous turn, thus very rudely cutting me off. Continues driving like nothing's happened and blows next signal. Look of satisfaction on my face as he's stopped by cop just 100m downroad from the signal! Instant Karma.

Story 3:
Person laughs at people for falling off windsurfing board. Said people swim and dunk person into water. Forced Instant Karma! (Yes, this one was me :-/)

Share your stories of Instant Karma too! :)