Monday, January 07, 2008


Mood Indigo 2007. Was the most fun I've had in a long time. We did so much! Here's a quick roundup:

Begging - Yups. The best staccato begging session *ever*! We earned some 150 bucks apparently! We also came on TV and on the net! Long live the buttscratchers!

Unicycling - A one wheel cycle... And we (sort-of) managed to ride it! The dude was teaching us. Nice fun :) Must do this more!

Treasure Hunt - Came in 2nd. Damn you Jose!... More phones again :-/

Kp sang - At LIVEWIRE elims and at this chilled out "Sultans of Strings". It was this sort of impromptu jam-singing thingy that only KP can pull off. He started reading advertisements as lyrics!

Dancing to RD Burman - Okay, this was cheesy. I shan't elaborate, but just that a small bunch of us inspired the whole convo to come out and swing around!

Pronites - LIVEWIRE and Pop Nite. I think Pop Nite was better... No.. really!... TAAQ were damn good too :)

Jam - lol lol lol lol... (as usual)

sms clear 40 - congos Arvind :)

Nikita won - a VIAO and an XBOX 360! Lucky bitch. I'm jealous. Yeah.. she cracked off at MI Most Wanted. Great job you!

Met old friends - All the MI punters, GIDDU!!!, Sahil, Mahesh et al, Grish, Nidhi, Nikita. Great to see everyone again :)

And new ones - :)

Loads of drinking all round (I actually drunk *very* little this year :P)

Broken toenails. Sigh.


Gutterflower said...


Anonymous said...

this is cheating..u arent even a student to take part in the treasure hunt..huh!Its meant for students and not for ex-students!

Ess Dee said...

hah. so you think! Ex-students can take part in Informals events :P ... cannot participate in competitions tho.

So there :P

PS: Who be this anonymous?

Anonymous said...

maybe..but its neways cheating as IITians as allowed to participate in it..I mean duh! one can neways win in their own campus!some things just dont change! so its ok!

Rashmi said...

hmm.. i see our pro night and subway wasnt of much significance to u this mood i..