Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Love This Place (Part 1)

Over the hills, far far away
Is where we go today
To be with snow and trees and cute black bears
And friends
and tents and other cares

A beautiful meadow. And a tree trunk. And us too!

Almost at the snow! (At Tila Lotni, 12500 ft.)

Trek Path, 40 Km, 6 days

Busride. Riding on top of a bus is *really* cool!

Modeling Divya!

Snowman! (Erm, snowboy or snow-child, whatever.)

They made me wear that :-/

Look! Sooo much snow!!! :D

... Watchout for "I Love This Place (Part 2)" :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"I Love This Place (Part 1)"..hehee :)..9 parts finally na? or was it 10?:P

love the blue-tinge snow pic..