Monday, October 15, 2007

Left vs. Right

It's long been thought that people are governed by one side of their brain. Left-brain thinkers are thought to be logical, practical types who are good at math and science; whereas right-brain people lean toward the fantasy and feelings of life, often turning out to be artists or big thinkers.

An article from Australia's Herald Sun has a mind-bending quiz that attempts to show you which type you are. So which direction is she spinning? Supposedly, by concentrating, you can "make the dancer turn the other way". I saw a clockwise spin, and try as I did, I couldn't manage to get her to turn anti-clockwise. Supposedly implies that i'm "Extreme Right Brained".

... Kinda interesting to see who got what :) ... Do tell whether you saw her spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise and if you could get the switch!


Kris said...

i just couldn't get myself to see her spinning anti-clockwise, no matter how hard i tried.

extremely right brained i am. i guess that makes two of us :D

Nithya said...

I got her to spin both ways:D Anticlockwise first though.

Sriram said...

Well i did get her to spin both ways, but it didnt happen while i was concentrating, i looked slightly away from the picture and then back again to see her spinning the other way round...and it happened twice.

So both hemispheres of my brain function well but they prefer being independent of each other :P

(You shouldnt give such exercises when ppl want to sleep)

Kanchan said...

could make her spin both-ways :)
linking your page.

Rutika said...

Got her to spin anti-clockwise for just one moment, when I was looking away.
Predominantly clockwise though, extremely right-brained I must be :)