Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hey look man! Look what these buttons do!

Hey man. Youknow people often ask me why the 70's was such a cool time man. And youknow what man? I Know why. God told me. Like Yeah man. While I was travelling in a bus. Try and guess man.

Oh look! Tea man! Exotic! Heh. I'm the King of England!... Off with their heads!

No man. It wasn't like the brightly coloured trucks man. What man Not Star Wars. MAD Comics. Yeah those could be but like God, man. He said man. He said...

It's a "tobacco water pipe" not a "bong", man.

He said man that what made the 70's so cool are us man. Us hippies. Yeah man. Like imagine the 70's without us. There'd just be like the random flowerly tents with no one in them man!... The 70's would be overrun by Disco-going lowlifes if we weren't there to punch them in the face man.

Woah dude! Is that like Japanese Anime man? Wow! I didn't know frogs could fly man.

Hey look! A C compiler! Man that's so cool! No more JNZs or RRCs! man.

Hey I may have been in the IT industry before I found those smoking.. um I mean "filming" Jazz artists man.

Hey man you wanna go jump off like that cliff over there?


Kris said...

what man...can't seem to understand you man...maybe it IS a bong man...and you're a loaded man!

it's an NOP man!

crazed_mellow said...

oink. seddy methinks that you have consumed the sativa. which in itself is not a bad thing. just that u didnt give it to me too :(

Arjun said...


Ess Dee said...

red white and blue ;) ... hippie-talk! :D

we must declare some day as "International Talk like a Hippie Day".

Who's in?

crazed_mellow said...

i am ... i think i will keep another personal day as not talk like hippie day.

Giddu said...

green stuff talks man..
in ways more than one. :P

Ess Dee said...

@gid - fuck that's brilliant!!

.. you'd eat dirt for green stuff anyday right?