Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kung Fubu Panda

(by KP and Jose)

The rotund warrior settled into his chair with the silky smooth precision of a crab, his substantial behind settling into the soft padding material displacing it so that it snuck up the nether-region between the cheeks and there it stayed. Stayed atleast, till he shifted for more comfort.

Few dared approach him lest they be blinded by the rays os SHEER OSSOMNESS that emanated so freely from him.

The Rotund Warrior then took a bite from his sandwich , picked up the phone and used his fearsome voice
to sell stuff.

Dreamsatwork presents: Kung-Fubu Panda as he should have been :)

(Statutory Warning: Bad Photoshopping Ahead - proceed at your own risk:)


Nothingman said...

that's fucking funny man! good photoshopping actually!


Ess Dee said...

all thanks to KP n Jose actually :-)

Oh Fubu! Of Fubu!
Why are you not here playing football
But over the Oceans blue
Selling coconuts while stock markets fall?

Serendipity said...

whoa! who is this lucky Man who has been designated as the great warrior who shall save his fellow men??
I am sure the panda must be hiding somewhere coz of inferiority complex!

Fubu said...

Ossom stuff Seddy man! I will update facebook with this new pic!

Ess Dee said...

lol.. yeah man go Fubu go!! :-)

Kartikeya said...

Fubu this seems to be your true avatar

Kartikeya said...
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Kanchan said...


Amit said...
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Rashmi said...

hhehehe.. cute. i'm FINALLY going to see the movie tomorrow!!! :D