Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Wasabi is essentially Japanese chatnee.

Imagine a slap - a loud resounding slap. That's what Wasabi tastes like.

Imagine taking your hand and reaching into your brain and twirling it around till you see colours and smell a faintly nuclear chilli. That's what Wasabi tastes like.

Avi got tubes of this stuff from Japan and we went around pretending it was "Japanese edible toothpaste" as we liberally handed it out to friends. Their reactions were priceless.

You should try it too.

But remember: Keep away from the eyes. Do not inhale. Do not attempt to feed to pets. If you exceed the recommended dosage (approx 1/16 teaspoon) seek medical help immediately, lest your intestines disintegrate. ;-)

Happy New Year!

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